Value Added Services

Value Added Care

Lever­age our best of breed solu­tions hosted on premise or in world class data cen­ters. Pro­tect your busi­ness from cat­a­strophic events and improve  oper­a­tional efficiencies.

Disaster Recovery, Off-Site Backup Business Continuity

The right on-site/off-site backup solution is the difference between days to recover versus minutes or hours. Let our professionals create the solution that gets you back up and running quickly when disaster strikes!

    • No need to buy soft­ware or hard­ware, or worry about upgrades
    • Recover a single file -or a complete server- in minutes
    • Eliminate the need to spend staff resources on man­age­ment and maintenance
    • Off-site data is encrypted and secured in high tech com­puter centers

VoIP Telephone Systems

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology offers businesses an unbeatable proposition: streamline telecommunications while reducing the total cost of ownership. VoIP integrates business communications into a single infrastructure: the data network. From small businesses to large enterprises, VoIP users report increased productivity, flexibility, and lower bills.


  • Lower your start up costs and reduce your monthly usage fee
  • Install extensions virtually anywhere in the world, including on smart phones
  • Gain stronger integration with other PC applications for better management capabilities
  • Choose from a wide variety of hardware and software

E-Mail Retention and Archiving

Whether you need to maintain regulatory compliance or just execute best practices, your team will be provided the most complete and secure archiving solution available.


  • Built-in anti-virus and anti-spam fil­ters pro­tect your infor­ma­tion and help keep employ­ees focused on business
  • Sophisticated search tools to locate email quickly and easily
  • Flexible retention policies for individuals, groups or company-wide

Data Loss Prevention

Discover, monitor and protect sensitive information. We’ll help prevent this data from unauthorized use and from leaving your organization.


  • Works trans­par­ently in the back­ground
  • Ensure cor­po­rate secu­rity and policy compliance

“Always Up” E-mail Services

Your business demands continuous communication with  clients, colleagues and vendors. Our industry leading solutions keep you connected 24/7.

  • Maintain continual access processing even in the event of an on-premise server outage
  •  99.999% uptime in mail processing, 100% uptime in anitvirus and threat processing

Server Virtualization

Our clients reduce costs, increase con­trol and “go green” with server virtualization:


  • Stream­line server man­age­ment and deploy­ment
  • Reduce hardware and operating costs
  • Improve dis­as­ter recov­ery options and accelerate recovery time
  • Help ensure cor­po­rate secu­rity and ven­dor licens­ing compliance

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